Studio[K]irmack was the first independent studio in South Africa to utilise the globally renowned Profoto technology. Famous for compressing a whole photographic studio into one machine. Their powerful, all-in-one systems provide photo and video automation tools for the entire e-commerce content production process.

Research shows the impact that the quality and the number of images per product have on conversion rates is massive. This means e-commerce product images need to go online faster, at a higher quality and in much larger quantities than ever before. Our Profoto machines can be rented and operated by stylists and photographers alike. Contact us for our rate card.

Create Better Content Consistently

Profoto machines help you refine your brand style and maintain a consistently high image quality across your whole website, no matter how many products you publish. With better content to browse, your customers can more easily focus on your products and make the right choice.

  • On-Model Photography

    All-in-one machine for Live Model Videos and Photos. 4K video. High-res stills. 3-axis robotic movement.

  • StyleShoots on mannequin studio

    Mannequin Photography

    All-in-one machine for Hollow Mannequin Photography. Auto Alpha background ™ removal. Touch controlled lighting.

  • StyleShoots Flat Lay Studio

    Flat Lay Photography

    All-in-one machine for Flat Lay photography. Auto Alpha ™ background removal. Touch controlled lighting.

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