Orbitvu is the global leader in photography automation, Orbitvu takes the best from traditional photography and combines this with advanced software and hardware innovations to optimise digital content production.

Studio[K]irmack are the official agents for Orbitvu in South Africa. With a fully functional studio set up we can demonstrate its potential to all companies wanting the perfect in-house automated photographic / content studios. Want to see the impressive Orbitvu system in action?

Cut Costs, Streamline Your Workflow

Studio[K]irmack best utilises the sophisticated Orbitvu automation system and integrated workflow solutions that enables the rapid production of large volumes of product images fast and cost-effective - without compromising on quality.


Web-ready 360° product photography in minutes. Orbitvu turntables are integrated with a complete end to end workflow software to speed up content creation and enable users to create high quality 360° spins, 360° videos and still images. Built with a photo studio in mind, they seamlessly integrate with your studio gear.

  • Model / Fashion / Bike

    The perfect automated photography studio that effortlessly creates stunning, high-quality photos and videos for use on your e-commerce, social media and digital advertising platforms.

  • AlphaStudio XXL

    All-in-one photography solution for capturing live models and large products. AlphaStudio XXL allows us to create ready-to-use packshots, 360° spins and videos in minutes.

  • AlphaStudio Compact

    A studio solution that creates high-quality packshots, 360° spins and videos of medium-sized products. With Compact Pro we are able to capture, edit and publish your content in minutes.

  • AlphaShot XL

    Flexible solution to get the perfect image of any product type. Equipped with all tools needed to shoot still images, 360° spins and videos.

  • AlphaShot 360

    An all-in-one product photography solution that is software controlled with excellent results for a variety of products, such as cosmetics, eyewear, mobile phones, footwear and others.

  • AlphaShot Micro

    All-in-one micro photography studio to create great packshots, 360° spins and videos of jewellery, watches, and other highly-reflective products.

  • AlphaTable

    Compact photo studio for flat lay photography, designed to capture top view photos of clothes, accessories, tiles or fabrics etc. Perfect for animated GIF’s and unique fashion content.

  • AlphaDesk

    Compact photo studio for flat lay photography, designed to capture top view photos of clothes, accessories, tiles or fabrics, etc

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