Kirmack Design launches new production studio

Kirmack Design launches new production studio

Studio[K]irmack, Kirmack Design's new technology-driven creative agency based in Milnerton, Cape Town, uses StyleShoots equipment to assist in their content production.
Kirmack Design launches new production studio

Here, owner Craig Bellingham tells us more about the agency, its new offering and that staying relevant is key…

BizcommunityWhen and why did you decide to launch Studio[K]irmack?

Studio[K]irmack was an extension of Kirmack Design launched in 2008. The new studio offering allows us to offer a wider range of services to our existing client base as well as provide a unique offering to new clients. The importance of staying relevant in a fast-changing digital world was key to our business strategy going forward.

BizcommunityWhat products/services do you offer?

Studio[K]irmack is a technology-driven creative agency that will provide our clients with innovative, proven digital content, web design, e-commerce photography and visually captivating video production. Our talented team will ensure you a strategy that combines slick production with emotionally resonant storytelling.
  • E-commerce photography and videography
  • Creative digital content
  • Digital design
  • Video production
  • Studio hire (three unique studios)
  • Retail window campaign solutions
  • Concept through to installation
  • Web development

BizcommunityComment on the gap in the market or the problem the company seeks to solve.

Acquiring the latest technology in the e-commerce photographic/video space is expensive. We have created a unique studio making it easy for brands to create e-commerce imagery and creative fashion content:
  • Our StyleShoots Live system allows you to shoot on-model stills and videos.
  • Our StyleShoots Vertical system makes it easy to create beautiful ghost mannequin images.
  • Our StyleShoots Horizontal system allows you to quickly and easily create flat lay images with the touch of a button.
Our footwear solution offers still photography fully deep-etched at any angle required - with or without shadow including a full 360-degree solution allowing consumers to interact with the footwear in the most unique way.

BizcommunityWhat is its competitive advantage?

In a nutshell, Studio[K]irmack is the most advanced e-commerce photographic/video studio in South Africa. We are the only specialist product photography studio in Africa that offers a comprehensive service using StyleShoots machines. These machines shorten the process of delivering high-quality product shots for your website and are used in-house by brands such as Woolworths and TFG locally and globally Zalando, Nike, Macy’s, Forever21 and many more.

Research shows the impact quality and the number of images per product have on conversion rates is massive.

This means e-commerce product images need to go online faster, at a higher quality and in much larger quantities than ever before.

Our studios can be rented by brands or can be operated by our qualified photographic and video team.

We offer a full turnkey solution, a solution that is based exactly on our clients’ needs and requirements. We don’t only offer a studio set up but we also offer the full post-production services: concept, design, retouching, digital content, e-commerce, video production.

BizcommunityWhat barriers have you had to overcome to get to this point?

Staying relevant as a partner to our clients.

BizcommunityAny plans to scale?

Absolutely. We aim to be the premium independent e-commerce and digital content solution in South Africa.
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